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Scientists Not Science-ing As Edutainment?

Last Friday I half-jokingly suggested having an outreach event consisting of scientists playing video games on Twitch. I have several reasons why I think this would be potentially valuable. It would humanize scientists. It would remind science-types that they can … Continue reading

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I enjoy liking things.

Let’s get whimsical, shall we?  Maybe it was always thus and I’m just aware of it because I am ill and cranky. But man. It’s much more fun to like stuff than to hate stuff. — John Green (@realjohngreen) March … Continue reading

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A line is drawn around the corner of awesome.

I tried to make a vlog. It was awkward, but less eye-popping stress inducing than trying to type more words. Provided I do more vlogs, I promise they will eventually overlap with the mission statement listed above.

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So I’m a little burnt out. Here’s something random.

I’m going to demonstrate how well I know my audience by perfectly predicting what you want to see on this lovely Friday afternoon. If it’s not a map of the location of all the GPS satellites at 1am UTC on … Continue reading

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A Chilled Bicycle Works Better?

So the Northern Ohio weather has done its Northern Ohio weather thing enough so far this autumn-winter that I have a few data points and can comfortable report that I get much better performance out of my rear derailleur when … Continue reading

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For the Love of Order and Smug Superiority

I need to take a day to reflect on things I think are pretty great. Before I get to that I have one issue germane to the larger discussion that is nominally taking place here. I’ve mentioned how much love … Continue reading

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From The Vault: Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Using 10 Hundred Common Words

The great comic strip xkcd started a thing, ages ago now in Internet time, in which you try to describe your scientific research using only the 10 hundred most common English words. As a concept I find this very engaging … Continue reading

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