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Scientists Not Science-ing As Edutainment?

Last Friday I half-jokingly suggested having an outreach event consisting of scientists playing video games on Twitch. I have several reasons why I think this would be potentially valuable. It would humanize scientists. It would remind science-types that they can … Continue reading

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From the Vault: Guitar Physics–The Humbucking Pickup

I play guitar as a hobby–a little bit of training in jazz, and self-taught from there. It’s fun. I own three instruments, two electric, and both of those are fitted with something that is a very common sight in hard … Continue reading

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A Chilled Bicycle Works Better?

So the Northern Ohio weather has done its Northern Ohio weather thing enough so far this autumn-winter that I have a few data points and can comfortable report that I get much better performance out of my rear derailleur when … Continue reading

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From The Vault: Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Using 10 Hundred Common Words

The great comic strip xkcd started a thing, ages ago now in Internet time, in which you try to describe your scientific research using only the 10 hundred most common English words. As a concept I find this very engaging … Continue reading

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