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The Internet Is Real Life

I think it would be fair to call myself an Internet early adopter. At least of what we might now recognize as The Internet. I was 11 when Netscape Navigator 1.1 was released. I remember using it. I took an … Continue reading

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The Time is Nigh. It Has Begun!

I’d like to officially declare that thesis writing has begun. There’s a pretty slick custom LaTeX document style class sitting in a folder in my home directory. I scribbled some incoherent outline notes into my log book with my fountain … Continue reading

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Our Fall Dance Showcase Solo — Oye Como Va

Last week was pretty crazy! I had a presentation to prepare and deliver on Friday morning and went most of the week without my laptop containing the most up-to-date versions of my work. Then on Saturday we performed our cha … Continue reading

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Insomnia: When Sleep is a Key Factor in Tomorrow’s Productivity

In order for this to make absolute sense I’m going to have to put it in a larger context. My response to too much or too little sleep is somehow installed backwards. If I oversleep I will be lethargic, soporific, … Continue reading

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Pointless Placeholder Monday

On account of a bout of insomnia last night and an ongoing existential quandary today I don’t have a fresh post in working order. But the insomnia does remind me that there’s some good content in talking about sleep hygiene … Continue reading

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Conversations I’d Rather Not Have: “Just think happy thoughts!”

This is a really common topic. It’s been covered before about a million times by a lot of other people at a lot of different places so odds are this isn’t something entirely new. But this is the internet, where … Continue reading

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My Story Part 2: The Early Years

It would be very difficult to discuss how I got to be where I am now without bringing up religion. As a word of warning, religion does not play a very supportive role. Maybe someday I’ll try to say something … Continue reading

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