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In Which I Attempt to Reconcile My Love of Gaming With the Crap Happening in Gaming Culture

Hi everyone. We need to have some words. I love games. I’m not particularly invested in gaming culture except for that part consisting of my friends sitting in my living room, but to some extent it projects an image of … Continue reading

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I can’t even with this. Is this really happening?

You’ve probably heard about the tragedy that happened this past weekend. And you’ve probably heard at least some bites of the conversation surrounding its aftermath. I don’t think I can possibly say anything new. But I have to. I actually … Continue reading

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The Internet Is Real Life

I think it would be fair to call myself an Internet early adopter. At least of what we might now recognize as The Internet. I was 11 when Netscape Navigator 1.1 was released. I remember using it. I took an … Continue reading

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Implications of an Afterlife on Being Good

This idea formed in my head months ago when the news was full of eulogizing for Nelson Mandela. Many people wished him smooth passage into the afterlife, which is a common sentiment and perfectly reasonable from a “good people get … Continue reading

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Relevant YouTube Video Roundup

I live with a cat who does not grasp the nuances of the recent time change. As a result I haven’t been sleeping well and am thus “not really feelin’ it”. There are some timely YouTube videos below the cut.

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IFAQ: Dealing With Delicate Situations

IFAQ: Infrequently Asked Questions When thinking about mental health is front and center, feelings can be delicate and how to proceed can be unclear. There can and will be times when you’re close to someone in hard place mental health … Continue reading

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I’m at your meeting talking about your sciences.

Off to talk about science for a day. Oddly enough I don’t really get performance anxiety. I have trouble making telephone calls and using public transportation (which I did yesterday! go me! XD), but I’ve done theater, a bit of … Continue reading

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