In Which I Attempt to Reconcile My Love of Gaming With the Crap Happening in Gaming Culture

donationHi everyone. We need to have some words. I love games. I’m not particularly invested in gaming culture except for that part consisting of my friends sitting in my living room, but to some extent it projects an image of what a “typical gamer” is like. That affects me directly, but tangentially. More importantly, it feeds back into the culture at large which determines how games are designed, produced, and marketed.

I haven’t maintained a firm grip on the timeline, but a couple weeks ago this happened. A couple days ago this video was released and subsequently this other awful thing happened. Somewhere in the middle of all that (I think?) the internet quagmire of cockamamie devised some plan by which they would donate some money to a cause that one of the previously mentioned women supposedly sabotaged (although this isn’t actually backed up except by “guy with a blog making stuff up” so far as I can tell) and create a cute character for them.

The end goal there was, near as I can tell, to cast a public relations cloaking spell over themselves to render their blatant wretchedness totally above comment or objection. And somehow it seems to have worked? At least a little.

So I guess some kind of conclusion should go here? But I’m so hopelessly lost in this vast desert devoid of reason that I can’t even. So I just donated $10 to Doctors Without Borders. And now you can’t disagree with me. Because I gave to charity. And now if you criticize or critique me you’re oppressing me and hate justice. At least that’s how I think it works.


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A coffee sipping, bike riding, (newly) ballroom dancing, cardigan sweater enthusiast, and astrophysics grad student looking at the highest energy cosmic rays.
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