Musical Saturday — 05/10/2013

Maybe it’ll be a thing, maybe it won’t. But I’m way behind on posts thanks to my beloved ThinkPad being out of operations for a while. Hopefully it will be back in working order and in my possession very soon. In the meantime, let’s talk about music if you’re interested?

I really want to see a band that involves Kathleen Hanna. Even on grainy YouTube videos she exudes overwhelming stage presence that I really want to witness first hand. Since Le Tigre disbanded I’ve been hoping for something new to appear and it looks like The Julie Ruin is going to be an honest to goodness thing. I hope they come to somewhere nearby. Check it out:

If I decide to talk about music a lot, which would be somewhat natural since it is a pretty big deal to me, it will become clear that I am big on lyrics. The musical album as a narrative form can be absolutely exquisite and I can get really into concept albums. Which means a lot, perhaps most, of my music catalog is prog rock. There’s a healthy smattering of folk rock, too. And then Amanda Palmer. She’s a genre unto herself.

I think she’s a wonderful lyricist, a talented musician, and usually carries a message I can get behind. Which was more or less my reaction to her reaction to that letter from Sinéad O’Connor to Miley Cyrus. It has it’s own problems, but more or less addresses my own objections. As usual with these things, the response has been super polarized. A lot of people really dislike Amanda Palmer. A lot of her fans are crazy awesome:

I own a ukelele partially because of AFP. My original goal was to do a cover of I’m the One That’s Cool. I mostly have the instrument down, but still face the joint issues of not being able to sing worth a damn and being so uncoordinated I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, much less play a uke and sing. So mad props to all the inspired fans out there who take up ukeleles in the name of art.


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