Content To Appear Here 9:00 9/11/2013


Welcome to 1997! I have wanted to pull out the “under construction” gif for a long time so I’m certainly not going to pass up this opportunity. Once upon a time I set out to tell cool stories about the physics behind things I think are cool like music and bicycles. And I probably won’t give that stuff up for good. But I think I can make a more valuable contribution to the greater community. So I’m tossing my old blog title into a Lazarus Pit once again. This time I’d like to have a conversation about mental health and particularly how it relates to life in scientific and/or academic circles.

The “seekrit project” goes life tomorrow morning at 9:00 am EST.


About apfergus

A coffee sipping, bike riding, (newly) ballroom dancing, cardigan sweater enthusiast, and astrophysics grad student looking at the highest energy cosmic rays.
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